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Symposium and Workshop
“Archiving and Re-performing Electro-Acoustic Music”

December 14. – 15., 2018
Bayreuth University

Working in the field of electro-acoustic music and early computer music inevitably goes together with challenges caused by rapidly developing (digital) technologies, such as a short live cycle of technical equipment, compatibility-problems between different technological generations, and the question on how to provide long lasting archives for these data. In addition, technical (digital) achievements and artistic ideas have been developed in close relationship in Electro-acoustic Music. How can and should Electro-acoustic Music compositions and performances be documented, preserved and/or archived? Who decides on what will be archived, and who takes care about maintaining the data (and hardware), accessibility and compatibility? What strategies and approaches have been already taken, being aware also of working in-between disciplines and methodologies with musicologists, music practitioners, sound engineers, computer scientists.

The Symposium and the Workshop will bring together researchers from different fields and backgrounds in order to address these questions concerning archiving and re-performing electro-acoustic music, computer music, and digitized music